Mahisagar:Mahisagar Jillana Shixakone G.P.F.Nanano Upad Na Malva Babat

Mahisagar:Mahisagar Jillana Shixakone G.P.F.Nanano Upad Na Malva Babat
The purpose of this circular is to set out a new approach to the arrangements that are
made for religious instruction and worship in the schools covered by this circular in
order to ensure that the rights of children to attend the school without having to
attend religious instruction will be conducted in a manner that takes account of the
likelihood, given changing demographics, of an increasing number of families wanting
to exercise their constitutional right to  withdraw.
Community Post Primary Schools where in addition to an Education and
Training Board (ETB) the patronage is exercised by one or more catholic
religious orders and/or a catholic diocese.
ii. All Education and Training Board (ETB) post primary schools ( other than those
where there is an agreement between the Education and Training Board and
Educate Together whereby the school operates as a non-denominational
school that is not required to provide for religious instruction).
 The existing Multi-denominational Basis for Religious Instruction or Worship
In establishing Community and VEC schools (now ETB schools) the State set a multidenominational
basis for religious worship and instruction that expresses

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